Frequently Asked Questions

Go to Bitcoiva website and click login Login into your account with the OTP sent to your registered email id or SMS If you are enabled with 2FA, enter the 6 digit passcode shown on authenticator and Once you confirm it, you are successfully logged into your Bitcoiva account
Open the Bitcoiva website and click on the signup at top-right side corner Enter Username, email id, phone number, password after reading the terms and conditions carefully After clicking on the [create account] button you will see jigsaw verification code. Please drag the slider to finish it Once you have completed the jigsaw, we’ll send an activation-link to the email-id you’ve given. Please activate your account through registered email. If the activation mail is not received, request to resend activation mail.
Visit Bitcoiva website and login to your account After logging in, tap settings - Profile button You will see the change password section on the right-corner of the page Enter the current password and the new password you want to change Confirm the new password again and click submit Your password is successfully changed now and you can use this new password for your next login.
Enter the URL ( and login to your account. Click the referral button. Once you completed sign up, your account is rewarded with 1000 BTT of beginners rewards After your KYC verification, you will be credited with 1000BTT of rewards When your referral verifies KYC, you will get a referral KYC bonus of 1000 BTT in your wallet.
Register and generate Referral Links You can also invite your friends to register via referral link and get rewards once they complete it Earn 25% commission for the each trade of your referrals.
How to trade spot on Bitcoiva website? 1. Get into the Bitcoiva website. Click the [Log In] button to log into your Bitcoiva account. Afterwards, click the market to view the current market details of each trading pair. 2. If you want to buy LTC at the current bitcoin price, choose BTC Market and enter LTC in the search box. By clicking the trading pair LTC/BTC, the equivalent trading page will be shown. 3. The trading page shown in the exchange page 4.You can either use the buy or sell area to buy or sell LTC. Based on your preference, place the order via entering price and the amount. ●The last transaction price is displayed in the limit price area. If you want to make a quick transaction, choose the market order. ●You can place a limit order if you want to reduce the market price of LTC/BTC from o.2 to 0.1. ● The percentages shown under the LTC Amount box is referred to as the amount of BTC you desire to use to purchase LTC.
Please click on to this link and know the trading rules
The stop limit order will be dispatched at potentially better price once the specified stop price has been attained. Once the stop price is attained, the stop-limit order turns into limit order to purchase/sell at better price. SL (stop-limit) method Description: Stop price: The stop limit order executes when the current asset price reaches the specified stop price to buy/sell at specified limit price or better price. Limit price: The preferred (better) price that the stop-limit order is executed at. Quantity: The asset volume that you want to buy or sell in the stop-limit order. Example: The recent traded price of ETC is 19.4 USDT, and the resistance is 19.30 USDT. In case you think that the price reaches higher once it hits the resistance, you can set a Stop-Limit order to buy a large amount of BNB at the price of 19.32 USDT. Thus you don't want to always monitor the market movements waiting for the price to attain your target price. Select “Stop-Limit” order, then set the stop price to be 19.30 USDT and the limit price to be 19.32 USDT. Then confirm the buy to place order. Details of Existing Orders: Once orders are made, existing ‘stop-limit’ orders can be reviewed under open orders. Your stop-limit order history can be found in order history.
Maker fee: The order that you placed goes to the order book partially or completely and the successive trades coming from that order will be as a maker. It increases the volume to order books, helping to make the market and are therefore termed the "maker" for any subsequent trades. Taker Fee: Taker trade denotes the placed order gets traded instantly via filling completely or partially before going on the order book. Market orders are takers as it never moves to order books. These trades are taking the volume off of the order book, and thus called the "taker."
Visit to Bitcoiva website and login to your Bitcoiva account After logging in, go to [swap] page and select the currency you wish to swap with other Enter the amount of currency and click the exchange button. Before confirming, check that you have enough crypto in your account to swap. Click accept button to process your order and your order has been submitted Note: Swapping can be done at an accurate exchange rate directly with the admin.
First of all, go to Bitcoiva website and login to your account After entering the [settings]- [profile] page fill the personal profile details carefully. Please double check your personal details before submitting it. It will not get changed once it has been confirmed. For proof of identification, you may upload any one of the following documents which includes international passport, government provided ID( with name and address), Driving licence. Upload the image of the front and back side of the ID proof. Upload the image of back side of PAN address proof Atlast, please select the selfie proof front side Then click submit button for further process Please wait calmly. After completing your process, We will review your documents in appropriate time. You will get email notification once your application has been checked.
How to deposit crypto to Bitcoiva? Visit the Bitcoiva website: and Log In to your Bitcoiva account. After login, go to [wallet] on the left-hand side of the page Enter the full name of coin/token that you want to deposit or you can pick it from the list You can either choose to deposit via wallet or bank transfer Here will take BNB as an example. To get a BNB deposit address instantaneously for your account, Click [ copy BTC deposit address] and input the address to the equivalent platform’s address area, where you plan to withdraw your amount. On the other hand, you can select [Show QR code] and use the equivalent platform’s mobile app to scan the QR code to finish deposit to Binance. Recommendable: ●[Deposit] to BItcoiva is a withdrawal activity from an equivalent platform or wallet. ●To deposit BNB to Binance, ensure to withdraw BNB from the corresponding platform. Any non-BNB deposits that go to your BNB address on Bitcoiva are more likely to be lost and unable to be retrieved. After successfully depositing your money to Bitcoiva, go back to the hover on [Deposit & Withdrawal History] to view your past deposits details. Why has my deposit not been credited? The transaction was transmitted in the blockchain network when one exchange system marked your asset withdrawal as successful. However, it may take some time to completely confirm your transaction and credited to the target exchange This happens due to the network congestion of blockchain, it may take a while to process your transaction. Use transaction ID to check the status of the transfer of the assets directly in the blockchain network. If the blockchain network nodes have not confirmed the transaction completely, kindly wait calmly and try it later. If the transactions are not yet confirmed still after reaching the minimum amount of confirmations determined by the system. Kindly contact our support team and create a ticket with transaction ID, coin/token name, deposit amount and transfer time. Our support team will investigate it immediately. If you are not credited even your transaction is confirmed by blockchain. Kindly give the details of transaction ID, token name, deposit amount and time. Our support team will sort out this trouble through investigating it.
How to withdraw crypto/fiat in Bitcoiva? Go to [ ] website and login to your Bitcoiva account Once logged in, click on [Wallet] - on the left-hand side of the page. To withdraw your crypto/fiat, you can either choose wallet withdrawal or bank transfer. For INR, you can choose a bank transfer for withdrawal. Enter the abbreviation or name of a coin/token to withdraw, or choose from the list. Here we use BTC as an example: copy the [BTC Deposit Address] from the corresponding wallet to which you want to withdraw your funds to and paste it to the [BTC Deposit Address] section. Next, enter the withdrawal amount of that asset. The transaction fee will get deducted and the amount you will get on the corresponding platform will be estimated. Bitcoiva withdrawal is a deposit action to a corresponding platform or wallet. Ensure to type BTC deposit address of corresponding platform when you pick to withdraw BTC from Bitcoiva. Click on [Submit] and you will be directed to pass the Security verification : ●You will be directed to enable security verification, if you have not enabled it. ●If you have enabled security verification, you may click Get code and enter all the relevant codes. ●For safety precautions, the Phone email verification code will be valid only for 30 mins. Check and input the relevant codes in time.
You cannot cancel your transactions as blockchain transactions are irrevocable. It could not be rolled back once you made it. While exchanging your crypto-currency ensure that you have checked all the payment details clearly.
Through INR inter transfer operation, Bitcoiva users can make transactions immediately without any fees. Visit Bitcoiva website and login to your account, after login you will see the INR inter transfer option on the right-hand side of the dashboard. Click into the transfer button and input the recepient username and the INR amount to be transferred. Then click submit to transfer your amount to the desired recipients.
How to use Bitcoiva Locked savings? * The Bitcoiva locked savings service needs some time to get prepared before initiating the purchase. When the purchase starts, items available under the space can be chosen. * To start with, enter into Bitcoiva website, login and click on [lending ] to access the product page. * Each Locked Savings product consists of the following descriptions: ●Lot Size: Price per lot. ●Individual Maximum: Maximum lots you can purchase. ●Interest Per Lot: You will receive Interest for each lot after redemption. ●Value date: The day interest taken into an account . ●Redemption Date: The day we provide interest and the equity. * To subscribe, ensure that you are having the required quantity of assets in your account to purchase ( you are not eligible when your Assets in pending order and Margin account) * The interest rate will be generated automatically via system based on your purchase amount * Once the purchase has been made successfully, the corresponding amount will be deducted from your balance. You can check the status in the Assets page. * The redemption will occur when it attains its due date. We will distribute principal and interest amounts to your account. It will be reflected in your Balance page.
* Flexible savings is for Bitcoiva users, they can lend his/her crypto assets and get interests. It is a crypto-savings accounts * Subscribe your crypto and flexibly get back your funds at the time you want with the convenience of real time funds credit and everyday interest
* Average Annual Return: It uses the average day to day interest amount from the past 7 days. It is referred to as the everyday interest you are allowed to, not the same as real interest. * Interest per thousand: The daily interest for each thousand crypto assets on the basis of last daily interest rate.
* You can subscribe and redeem your flexible savings at any time through the funds credited in real time. * Subscription and redemption will be unlocked everyday * Interest will not be counted on the same day of subscription, considered one day after the subscription. The interest will be distributed on the second day. * while subscription select fast or standard redemption to redeem assets * Under standard redemption the total amount will be reclaimed back on the second day after redemption with interest rate. In contrast, for fast redemption, you will receive the total amount of your crypto assets back on the redemption day without interest.
* How to enable 2-factor authentication? * To protect your account with multiple layer security, Bitcoiva offers 2-factor authentication for its users I* nstall the google authenticator app to perform app based 2-factor authentication * Visit and login to your account * Then Go to Bitcoiva settings on the left-side of the page and click on security to enable the two-factor authentication. * Open your Authenticator app & follow the steps to add and scan the Bitcoiva Barcode. * Input the OTP you see in your Authenticator app. * Open the email & click on Approve 2FA request in the confirmation email you receive.
* If google authenticator is working properly, you can disable your 2FA manually by entering into Bitcoiva settings and navigating to Security and clicking the disable security button after entering the 6 digit passcode.
* How to buy Crypto on Bitcoiva P2P? * You can now buy cryptocurrencies using INR with no transaction fees on Bitcoiva P2P! * To start with, go to bitcoiva website and login to your account * Complete your KYC and Bank details to access Peer to Peer network * Then Click P2P on the left-side of the page; you will be directed to the P2P page * Click "Buy" and choose the currency you wish to buy (BTC is shown as an example). * Here we take BTC/INR as an example. Enter the quantity of BTC (in cryptos) you wish to buy. * Then you can also add your preferred seller and click place buy order * Once the seller has released the cryptocurrency, the transaction is completed. * Now order is completed, you can check your account to see the crypto you just bought.
* Visit and login into your account with your credentials * Go to Peer to Peer page through clicking [ Peer to Peer ] on the left side of the page * Select the sell option and input the volume of crypto you want to sell * Total INR value is shown corresponding to BTC volume you entered * You can add your preferred buyer and Place the sell order * Now the order is completed, the buyer will receive the crypto. You can click History to check your INR balance. Note: You can directly sell your crypto to the user and get equivalent INR directly in your account via Bank wire
* Bitcoiva helps to buy/sell cryptos directly with other users. * It is highly secured & legal. * Bitcoiva matches the users looking to buy crypto for INR with someone who’s looking to sell crypto for INR * Buyer transfer INR to seller’s bank account via Bank transfer * Seller verifies the payment and Bitcoiva drops the crypto to the buyer.
Click into this link to know about API.

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